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06.04.2016 в 20:51
Пишет foxm:

Четыре всадника Апокалипсиса

Summoning The Horsemen:

From Before The World Of Man;
I Summon The Poruer Of The Atlantean Crystal;
Ensorcelled Within The Talisman I Hold;
That Which Is Blessed In Witchblood;
Its Power Awoken By Lucifer’s Own Hand;
Through The Aethyrs I CalI In The Name Of The Great Red King;
To The Horsemen As Lord Of The Path Of Witchflame;
Through The Gate Of The Last Red Setting Sun;
I Summon The God Of The Gates Of Amenta In Lucifer’s Name;
In Flame I Call To The Prince Of The Realms;
Of The Fires Of Heaaen And All Hell’s Flames;
As Lord Of This Earth I Call To The Northern King;
The Demon Prince Of The Realm Of The Dragon’s Path;
I Call Upon You Dark Gods;
With The Elements Ensorcelled Of Air, Water, Fire And Earth;
Bound In The Emerald Talisman Of Lucifer;
With the Blood Of The Great Horned God;
I Call Upon The Four Horsemen Of Ancient Legend;
I Summon You Forth Lucifer, Uriens, Hasmoday And Belial;
To Aid Me With Your Unlimited Eternal Power;
Ride Through The Dark Universal Gates Of The Gods;
To The Aid Of He Who is Both Kith and Kin;
To The Lord Of Spirit Who Calls You Forth;
Now By The Power Of The Perfect Red King;
Ride To This Point Of Worlds Conjoined;
Ride To Me Now In Lucifer’s Name.

Дисклеймер. Вызывать всадников на свой страх и риск. Конец света возврату и отмене не подлежит.

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