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Записи с темой: four horsemen (список заголовков)

How some things begin

- Я победил! - Нет, Чума, ты подебил...

Chronicles of the unfulfilled Apocalypse

Translation from Russian. Original

Chapter 1. How some things begin.

Death was not sure what he need assistants. Or followers. Perhaps he felt lonely, sometimes. But usually think about it for a long time he didn’t allow himself. When still thought he could not understand why he be, why he must exist in that form, would not be easier to be nameless force with no guise? Snapping to the material was carrying only one problems: look at people, knowing that they all will die, knowing that they will never see you, except the last moment before they leaving, that most likely they will hate any hint of you…
The only thing Death got from the existence of a body similar to human - only loneliness and emptiness.


He did not know how to react to these strange people who circled the battlefield, almost all stained with blood, and die, apparently, is not going to, despite some obviously incompatible with life, injured. But they were trying to kill each other. Death stared at them, unable to control himself and his own feelings. They were completely different from each other, but nevertheless, they had something in common. Maybe almost specularity movements, he did not know. It was… mesmerizing.
— Enough, – Death exhaled. Somehow, even for him, it was too.
They froze and turned to him. Death barely restrain himself from to immediately disappear. These were not humans. He did not know who they were, but weren’t people: people couldn’t hear him, for them it just doesn’t exist.
The silence lasted for a few seconds, Death collected his thoughts, and they looked at him with a horrifying curiosity.
— Who are you? — Finally broke the silence one of them, who was standing a little closer.
Now Death couldn’t understand how at all first mistook them for people. So despite the fact that their guise was close to human, they were very unusual for people. Spoke to him … creature seems wanted to force him to answer, at least Death caught myself on the fact that looking at the nonhuman silvery eyes, begins to pick up an explanation. And if it worked even on him, what then will happen to the people? Shook off an obsession and with difficulty restrain from chuckle, Death replied:
— It doesn’t matter. In fact, I’m more interested in who the two of you.
And honestly answered, and good impression on them made​​, it seems. And he only sharpen the wording, this whole eternity..
Answer to him was silent. Moreover - spoke first stared down at his feet, and the second frowned. Death sadly thought it has come to stay, and as if he did not want to just hear their names - this was not possible, since they seem to not know their names …if they at all have them! And leave them here alone he couldn’t - they’ll try to kill each other. Namelesses and nonexistents. Poor fellows.
Death thought.
- Do you like to fight …? - Finally, he ventured to ask. After all it was just logical. Otherwise they would not have arranged here - in fact - the slaughterhouse.
They answered simultaneously.
- Yes.
- No!
And stared at one anotherclearly with the intention to continue the initiated.
Death stared at them.
- And if you again ..? And this time, in turn?
The one who first spoke up, replied, without turning:
- No, but the victory of one of the parties meant seizure of territory. They’re all here for some reason wanted to have their power.
Authority, Conquest, Victory…
Death nodded.
- Yes, - grinned the second - because what could be more delightful in the whole world?
Rage, Wars, Hate…
Even so.
Death heard these words - impatient reality and living in her people wanted to know what they are dealing with. But these creatures need to decide themselves, whoever they wanted to be. Well, at least judging by the expressions on their faces, they heard this. Good news.
- Conquest? - The first in surprise chuckled. - We can choose?
- I think so - they quickly realized, it’s even better. And, whatever names they did not take, Death was certain - will be interesting with them. In any case it will interesting.
And meanwhile they approached him.
- Well now you introduce yourself? - smiled the first. - Just if I chose, for example, the name Conquest, then … - his smile faded and he raised his hands, as if defensively. - You!..
Death could not blame him: yet his feared virtually all creatures … yes, because there exist - but he pretended that he frowned. Little did.
The second did not stir. He viewed Death, absolutely oblivious to the Conquest, who was trying to pull him back. In the eyes for outward calm was burning furious flames.
- War, - he said slowly and recoiled back, knocking over the Conquest and crashing to the ground himself.
Now Death could hang over them, which he gladly did.
- Because of you two have died a lot of people, - said thoughtfully Death, - and you know what that means?
They did not know. And therefore were frightened. After all they just got the names, only found to exist, of course they did not want to lose it all right now. But then they have to stop being afraid … to start.
War abruptly stood up and reached for a weapon, but was stopped literally jumped up Conquest.
- We … - he began, referring to the Death.
- You do not know what you are doing, - Death grinned, - but that not an excuse.
Conquest stepped back in embarrassment.
- This is … - tried War.
- It’s not so bad - Death nodded, - the more so now it is your job.
They looked at him in amazement. And then on War’s face blurred grin and Conqueror threw back his head and laughed.
Horsemen of the Apocalypse, sounded in silence, but now this heard only Death, There should be four…
Death smiled, seeing new converts Horsemen.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. People remember them.

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I love this! Coz, i write a thing about horsepersons. And...

- Я победил! - Нет, Чума, ты подебил...

I love this! Coz, i write a thing about horsepersons. And translate into english.

This is small part of my story about the Horsepersons. I translate all story this summer. :D

Pollution rubbed his eyes.

- This is … amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that.

- Like it? - rustled voice beside him.

The boy nodded.

- On a white background are all here looks different! And… how did you do it?

The answer was just a laugh.

- You’ll not tell …

- No.

- And who are you, you will not tell too? - Sadly sighed pollution.

Voice paused.

- Later. But you’ll know.

- Really?

- Of course. I must be personally acquainted with so cute Horseman, isn’t it?

- Oh …

- Don’t worry, kid. You’ll learn to too.

- Learn?

- Oh, yes. And it will be wonderful … what do you think?

- Madly wonderful …

@темы: Conquest, Pollution, apocalyptic horsepersons, four horsemen, four horsemen of the apocalypse


Horsepersons colored by Ddzudi2009

- Я победил! - Нет, Чума, ты подебил...

The official four horsemen of the apocalypse?

- Я победил! - Нет, Чума, ты подебил...

Why not? :D

Death, Conquest, War and Famine.

@темы: Conquest, Death, Famine, War, four horsemen, four horsemen of the apocalypse

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